Bhola B ThapaSherpa Flies, an initiative of President Group of Companies was founded in 2012, was created with one idea in mind – to tie the world’s finest fly fishing flies. Using world-class materials we are determined to design state of the art modern flies, no matter where or what you fish for.

Sherpa Flies started production on the banks of a Himalayan river called Narayani, so named after the beloved consort of Lord Vishnu, the preserver of the universe. Sherpa Flies is located in Nawalparasi district in South-Central Nepal on the edge of the country’s first national park. In the midst of this environmental abundance, there is also abject poverty where people earn a per capita income of US$ 3.80 per day.

You may then well ask what our story is. We at Sherpa Flies truly believe in the importance of designing and producing fly fishing flies fairly. This has led us to pushing our creative boundaries with a sense of adventure utilizing the indigenous third (wisdom) eye. We share our passion for fly fishing with the local community, many of whom were fisher folks. We also tap the skilled hand of housewives, who are in dire need of alternative employment opportunities. Many of these women are themselves socially marginalized, often uneducated and vulnerable.
Hence our philosophy is straightforward: Specialty products for the world, provision of skills and a decent employment for people in need. Sherpa Flies remains focused on its goal, which is best summarized by its statement of purpose.

We are passionate about our business of creating high quality fly fishing products that will exceed the fly angler’s expectations. Wherever in the world your fly fishing takes you, it is safe to say that Sherpa Flies’ products enhances your fly fishing experience. You will enjoy it even more knowing that your passion is also tapping into local knowledge, while enabling people to slowly but surely get out of poverty.

While there are many fly fishing companies, we are among the very few committed to mastery of the sport and helping humankind. We have invested experience earned by decades of observant research and design, testing our products in waters around the globe and pushing the boundaries of performance. We are fueled by an innate spirit of discovery; a desire to understand all there is about fly fishing. This means Sherpa Flies is in the run to innovate, so we’ll stop evolving only when the fishes do!

Bhola Bikram Thapa

Managing Director,
Sherpa Flies P. Ltd.

President Group of Companies